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A proper Black Country, family run business!

It all began back in the early 1970s when Graham Simmons started out as a Butcher in Willenhall, in the 1980s his sons joined him, Shaun and Mark. The three of them soon discovered that Pork Scratchings were going to be a big hit and after having a small section in the back of the Butchers shop where they produced the Scratchings amongst other things, they decided to say Goodbye to the Butchers shop and open up a purpose built Pork Scratchings factory which has seen the business grow substantially over 30 years. This factory was one of the first manufacturers in Walsall to receive a Food Licence, meaning not only can we supply to the UK but also export to anywhere in Europe. 
It soon became apparent that this purpose built factory was not big enough to cope with the demand and so we employed more Staff – many of whom are family, and purchased the Unit next door which has now became our Warehouse & Shop to serve the general public.
Today the brand is recognised throughout the West Midlands and beyond and 4 generations later Simmons Scratchings are still thriving to this day.
Not bad for a start up in the back of a Butchers shop eh?



For the past 20 years Shaun & Mark have been the driving force behind Simmons Scratchings. We are proud to say we are Salsa Accredited and now serve many Asda stores across the Midlands and beyond and also a range of Morrisons stores. Beyond this we serve many Pubs, Shops, Butchers, Farm Shops and we also pack our Scratchings in many other Branded names, so who knows you may have tried our Pork Scratchings many times without realising!

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